Author: SolTax Team

What Uber Drivers need to know about Tax Returns

ATO is cracking down on ride sharing drivers contracted to companies such as Uber, Gocatch and Lyft. Banks will now be required to provide details of ALL customer payments to these ride sharing services for the past AND coming financial year. If you’ve been doing a little moonlighting, it’s probably time to come clean and cough up your share of tax. Last year the ATO warned Uber drivers that avoiding tax wasn’t an option, this year it’s getting evening tougher. In a statement, the ATO said: “The data we acquire will be electronically matched with certain sections of ATO data holdings to...

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5 Tax Deductions you could claim in 2017

5 Tax Deductions you could claim in 2017 With the end of the financial year fast approaching, it’s a good time to discuss tax deductions – especially those deductions often missed by taxpayers like you. Take a look below – do any of these deductions apply to you? Are you keeping proper records to make sure you get the best possible tax refund? 1. Tax agent fees are also a tax deduction Did you use SolTax or another tax agent to prepare and lodge your tax return last year? If you did, then you can claim the amount you...

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